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by Sherry Collier Larkin


Meet the Louisville Slothers, a struggling middle school softball team, who desperately needs coaching on how to love. Their coach isn't just any coach. She's a little dog with a BIG dream!

Coach Gracie is going to teach about unconditional love and how to WIN when we put Christ first.

The Greatest Love Story...

is the way our dogs love us. Man's best friend loves unconditionally.

We can learn a lot from a dog about how to love.

"9 Lives" and the other six books in this series were written to inspire change in a hurting world.  

We are so consumed with what others think. We desperately want to fit in and feel loved. Wouldn't it be great if we could put an end to needing other people's approval, and begin to love ourselves and others like our dogs love?!

Think about it... Dogs love you no matter what. They're always happy to see you. They don't hold anything back. They're loyal. They live in the moment. They're content just being with you. They don't judge. They're forgiving. Their job is to love you!

I truly believe that God put man's best friend on this earth for us to experience unconditional love for ourselves, and then share this same love with others.


The main character in the series is a dog, Coach Gracie. She will encourage and teach these troubled kids on the softball team about unconditional love and teamwork. They may start out losing, but when they begin to love and focus on Christ, they become a winning team!

My hope is that every reader will begin to see themselves and others the way Christ sees you, to learn to love like He loves, and speak life everywhere you go!

- Sherry Collier Larkin

"I Have a Dream" Team Book Series