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by Sherry Collier Larkin

Meet the Louisville Slothers, a struggling middle school softball team, who desperately needs coaching on how to love. Their coach isn't just any coach. She's a little dog with a BIG dream!

Coach Gracie is going to teach about unconditional love and how to WIN when we put Christ first.

"I Have a Dream" Team Book Series

Quotes about 9 Lives & the Author:

"Sherry Collier Larkin is a powerful beautiful voice. Follow her and learn."

- Tammy Kling, CEO, OnFire Books

"9 Lives is darling!!! I love the artwork! But, it’s the story that is so sweet! I look forward to the next one! And, kids will too!" 

- Bridget Bradsher, Proud BB, Extraordinary Friend

“Sherry Collier Larkin is an incredible author that has created characters that are real. They truly show how to overcome the insecurities of this world to see things the way God intended for us to. With love and grace.”

- Tiarra Tompkins, VP, OnFire Books Leadership Company

"I LOVE IT!!! And I love the illustrations!"

- Christi Houston, Exec. Dir. of Princeton Chamber

"Sherry’s immense sense of purpose and a pedagogy for self esteem  radiates through her characters that children will love and appreciate. This series is a home run for our children in today’s society!"

- Susan Reeves Elzner, M. Ed., Faculty Member, Tarrant County College

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